Snowflake the Arucana Hen


Fanciful Tales from Family Gardens, Backyard Poultry, Storybooks and Fairylands

It’s been long enough into the back-to-the-country experiment now, at least for us, that we have compiled some insights and experiences to share with others who might be freaked out by the state of the planet and compelled to connect to the Earth, live more simply, and find something lost.  On this website, my family and I will share our, ahem, adventure in leaving a gated community ten years ago and coming to live on our small farm in Virginia.  Our journey has taken us through stages of romancing the farm to the shock of what it really takes to feed ourselves in-between holding down real jobs to pay the mortgage on this little patch of Earth we have come to cherish.  I don’t need to tell you how bad things are, but I can tell you that, when we traded in our golf course view for a frog pond and tree swing, we stepped onto a path straight through the unsustainable constructs of our own minds and deep into a wilderness and wildness that daily teaches us the truth about connection, relationships and communing with life in its many forms.

Oh, and we will also share recipes, gardening tips, local foodie adventures and videos of some cool farm magic, like hens who crow or jump through bathroom windows to lay their eggs at the feet of their goddesses…  really.

Lisa, Keith and Collins Reagan

Toano, Virginia

What’s In A Name?

Grandma HortonWe chose the name Ceo Maidin Feirm, Gaelic for Morning Mist Farm, shortly after moving to our new home in 2002.  As you can see in the photo above, the ponds and streams that surround the pastures create morning mists often, especially during seasonal changes.  The pronunciation of the Gaelic version is “cow maiden firm.”  We found this particularly endearing and gleeful as the photo of my grandmother, at sixteen, with her favorite milk cow was featured in our living room.

Grandma Horton at Party


Here we are with our Cow Maiden, and grandmother, Martha Horton, at her 103 birthday party.  She lived to be 104 and passed in 2008.  We are happy to honor the beauty of our little farm, Keith’s Irish heritage and my maternal grandmother in the name, Ceo Maidin Feirm.

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